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November 22, 2007


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Greg Fischer is the answer.

Hmmmmmmmm, I can't wait for the newspaper article in the national newspapers detailing how Greg Stumbo used state and federal money to build a golf course in Prestonsburg Kentucky. And then was able to buy surplus property without bidding around the golf course and then sell those same plots for a profit.

A great article. Too bad the main stream media didn't pick up on it when it was published in the Big Sandy times.

Stumbo is running a poll factory and positioning himself for a job or support for the 5th District seat. As quiet as he was during the primary he will be ripped limb from limb if he runs.

I hope he runs.

Greg Fischer? The Republican-lite wannabe who doesn't have a clue what it takes to play the political game? He has some money but not enough to waste on a major senate race like this. His major contributions to Republicans can't be explained away with the 'but he's a business guy' spin.

Stumbo can't raise money and only succeeds at retail politics. He wanted to hire Jonathan Hurst to manage his campaign so that alone should tell you that he has no idea what it takes to win.

Jonathan Hurst! That means the old gaurd of JYBII and Richards is supporting Stumbo. It also confirms that Richards was playing vote sucker for Lunsford in the primary. Blck Hats are alive in well in Kentucky!

Run Stumbo run. Then we will get to watch the Mitch Machine rip you up into little bitty deadbeat dad adultering drunken pieces and throw you into Dewey Lake.

Key word being WANTED to hire. Wanted. But didn't.

Hell the fact that he wanted to hire that peice of shit says it all! Maybe they can share a cell in Eddyville. From what I hear they are both whiskey bent and jail bound. *****

""Edited for Content, Come on man keep in half way clean!!!"""

I hope Stumbo runs to watch him rip MM to shreds. Don't think the other side is running some avenging angel. MM has plenty to answer to himself.

I think a lot of the misplaced rage against Stumbo is that he hasn't lost many. He would wipe the floor with MM.

Just remember where you heard it.

As for the original article it was well-written and fair. Thanks for it.

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