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November 23, 2007


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You're closer to the truth than you know. The entire cabinet is sick - budgetarily, morally, ethically - and patient zero is all the Fletcher appointees and holdovers who sold out their own principles to keep their jobs. With maybe two exceptions among all the non-merits in the cabinet, the leadership is rotten to the core. Forget about what's best for the people of this state, it's all about serving the contractors. Period. The attitude toward public service and the cabinet's primary clients is horrible - not a leadership meeting goes by without the required jokes about what poor people are whining about this week and how enough old people will die from inadequate Medicare drug assistance that budgets will right themselves. One very highly placed official even joked this summer at a big check event with a lot of elderly people in attendance that there was no need to worry about any heat effects because the crowd looked like it didn't depend on Medicaid for their health care. It's a sick joke that people with so little regard for the poor, elderly, disabled, sick, abused, neglected and violated are in charge of the programs meant to help them. That cabinet not only needs a houscleaning, it will also have to be disinfected. Follow the money and Ernie's waste, fraud and abuse will be all too evident.

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