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November 20, 2007


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Wow! Someone is clearly bristling at an even remotely even-handed reference to the Marine.

Childish comments from people who think they know something about people! No one knows who will be the best candidate at this point. Horne may very well be the best candidate.I believe that William is one of the best writers on the blogs today.

"you might find yourself ostracized and no one will feed you your precious info ever again!"

Bring it on! Give me a call and we can get into this!!!I will hold my tongue for now.

the only thing people could possibly be upset about is that you said his fundraising was dismal

he actually held his own with Yarmuth and raised over $200,000 which is a lot of money for a small congressional district. Yarmuth funded himself.

Yarmuth raised $1,347,238 with 1440 individual contributions. He loaned his campaign $708,127.

Horne raised $142,970 with 180 individual contributions. He loaned his campaign $40,000.

I might have been born at night but not last night. Raise the cash if you want to play in this game. Seems tons of Horne folk like to talk how about raising that fine man some cash!

Making up numbers again shack! Yarmuth loaned his campaign at least twice that amount. Check your sources shackahack.

8:01 r u 4 real?!? Google FEC and try to follow the instructions. I am sure u r joking.

Shack is not a hack.

No matter who we nominate, we are going to get TONS of money flooding in to take out McConnell. That would be my only objection to what is written here. The only place where money will be a huge factor is in a potential primary.

Thanks for defend.

I will be expressing my amateur opinion about everyone and thier negatives and positives. But will NOT bash anyone on a personal level, I think we need to avoid a blood bath in the primary if possible.

Sonka is right, the nominee should be flush with cash but the Washington bunch is hard for me to trust after the screwing they gave Daniel in 04.

I also have personal experience when it comes to lack of fund-raising or should I say "don't worry Shack we got your back with the cash". At this point I am jaded in regards to money and I will reflect that in this primary.

I like Horne but I think Crit has the upper hand with the national money and he will probably defer to her. Horne wants a Democrat to beat McConnell more than anything. But if the tone of Crits people is any example of her leadership I'll write in Peter Pan before vote for her.

BTW Horne had over 1000 donors it was 180 over the reporting limit.

Yarmuth only appears to have raised a lot more money than Horne. Yarmuth used an FEC loophole to raise both primary and general election funds during the primary and then loaned himself a load of cash.

More than 60% of Yarmuth's money couldn't even be used for the primary. Subtract Yarmuth's personal funds and you're on an even playing field.

If Andrew Horne truly cares about Kentucky, he should get out of the way and let Crit have an easy primary against the idiot Stumbo.

Crit is clearly the best candidate. Joe Sonka needs to stop with his whining.

Joe Sonka elevated Andew Horne in the press? That's a funny joke.

I don't see it as a joke, but just wrong. The Colonel was in national ads for VoteVets and gave the Democratic response to Bush before Ditch Mitch even started. He is also the reason that the Iraq Campaign came to KY.


If Crit truly cares about Kentucky SHE WILL GET IN THE RACE!! Then Horne can decide what to do. With all that DC support why is she not in? People are getting concerned.

I can tell you from someone that watched Horne after the 2006 KY03 primary he is a team player. IT IS NOT ABOUT HIM AND THAT IS VERY RARE IN POLITICS!

is it "Katie", "Kim" or someone else?

I do appreciate the personal attacks though, its quite a compliment. It's a compliment for Horne too, considering who is attacking him.

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