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November 18, 2007


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From my understanding neither Crit nor Greg have ever had a tough opponent. Crit who has been in politics for 30+ years has run exactly two races against the same opponent - a part time UPS employee. In the 2003 general election, Crit outspent her opponent 500k+ to 44k [12 to 1] and won by less than 3 percentage points. This past election she spent 370k+ vs -27k [14 to 1] and her results do not reflect more than the dem wave.

Greg outspent his 2003 opponent for Attorney General by 400k+ to 10k [40 to 1]. I don’t know much about Greg's state house race opponents but Greg never spent more than 20k.

Regarding Horne, in the 2006 Democratic primary for US Congress, John Yarmuth, a wealthy, well known and respected local T.V., radio and print political commentator, had to outspend Horne 2-1 [420K+ to 210k+] to beat Horne who was a political unknown 5 months before. In that race John Yarmuth spent more than ALL of Greg and Crit's opponents have ever spent - COMBINED!

Finally, if $210,000 raised by a neophyte in 4 months in a contested primary is “dismal” - what is $400,000 raised by political insiders for primary and general elections? It sounds like Bruce Schriener is regurgitating Crit and Stumbo's talking points.

My main comment was on the unnecessary [and uninformed] bashing of Horne.

I have it on good authority that the DSCC has committed to help Crit raise money, even in a primary. In light of that I agree that Steve Beshear will probably get behind her if she runs - and he should.

But be clear, Crit is currently strong for no other reason than because DC will back her. She has never had an election where her opponent was on television!

If I recall correctly, Yarmuth raised $400k for the primary, but much of that was his own money which he did not spend. I think at the end of the day each candidate spent a bit over $220k, give or take.

According to the andrew2006.com campaign archives, 82% of the 1,100 contributions Horne received were for less than $200, which amounted to 25% of all contributions collected. That is far from dismal, that's an example of the power of the netroots.

Please make sure you compare apples to apples.

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