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October 05, 2007


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Didn't we endorse a candidate for Ag Commissioner. We had a primary. We have a candidate. If we didn't want this guy to be a candidate why did we vote for him?

I don't think KDP should send out material in support of the whole slate, and leave him off.

I do... but he showed guts debating MR dumb as a bag of hammers Richie Farmer

I think we should abolish Ag Commissioner.

You’re right Ben, the people voted and that’s all that matters.
Not the thoughts of priggish, power-deprived, social-climbing wannabes wasting time at KDP headquarters.

Interesting that Jonathan Miller totally ignores David Lynn Williams, the Democratic Party's nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture.

I thought Jonathan was a man of the party? If so, then he should be promoting ALL Democratic candidates regardless of their misdeeds.

Oh those of little knowledge. Williams should be happy that the KDP, Unions and B&M are pushing a stright ticket vote.

Beshear win by 15% Williams is in.

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