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October 03, 2007


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I think the question should be: Can William Shackleford tell the truth? You can read this post on BGR under this link http://www.bluegrassreport.org/bluegrass_politics/2007/10/trey-grayson-r-.html?cid=85064276#comment-85064276 but I figured I would be so kind as to paste it here.

Yes, that's the sound of your credibility washing down the drain.

A bit off topic but very relevant to Bruce's candidacy and lack of merit. His former campaign manager, William Hayes Shackleford, has been trying to dodge the Frank Simon endorsement for about a week now, claiming they didn't know what it meant.

However, on his own website (The Rural Democrat), Shackleford used this endorsement to tout Bruce's chances of winning the primary. This was posted when Shackleford was indeed acting as Bruce's camapaign manager.

"3 organizations have endorsed Bruce Hendrickson for Secretary of State. One in particular is the Freedom Heritage Forum PAC, they are in the process of mailing out 100,000 voter guides to various religious institutions across the state. With the threat of a miserably low turnout for this primary, the Church vote may be the most coveted vote in the Commonwealth."


However, as recent as last week, Shackleford posted on the BGR that he and Hendrickson knew nothing about the Forum when they filled out the application.

"Take it for what it is worth but I am to blame for the Simon endorsement and after I realized who Simon was it was too late. We filled out every questionnaire we could get. That's what you do when there is no money. It is called grassroots, but it was not Bruce's fault, I take full responsibility for it."

Clearly, Shackleford and Hendrickson had time between filing the papers and touting the endorsement to do their research and are even quoted as understanding it's origin in the church. I wonder if he cares to admit this lie, not that it matters anymore. After all, seeing, especially in this case, is believing. (This also should call into question anything ever posted on The Rural Democrat. If he lies here, where else has he done so?)


Even if they back off the endorsement now, they had clearly embraced Simon's group. Any other course but to further embrace the Freedom's Heritage Forum and the AFA would be completely disingenuous.

If Stan Lee is too extreme for Kentucky, then it stands to reason Bruce Hendrickson is too.

The question should be can democrats tell the truth?

I can't believe what a phony these guys are. I'm probably going to have to sit this one out now. I never vote pug but this man Hendrickson has proven he will do anything to get elected. He is just like all the rest.

I believe that I will take Hendrickson at his word. He is a closet Frank Simon deciple. Just like Jesus told Peter you will deny me 3 times before the cock crows, he did. And just like Peter, Hendrickson is denying his close ties to Simon. But the cock is crowing. So let their be light, Hendrickson is a member of the church FRANK SIMON!

I was at the Frank Simon event in the spring. And Guess who I saw, none other that Bruce Hendrickson. He was there like all of the other pro life candidates trying to prove he was more pro life than any of his opponents. So for him to run from the endorsement if patently disonest. He deserves to lose this election because just like every democrat in this race they are all liars.

If there is evidence of Hollenbach or his campaign manager lying, I probably would. It was the cover up by Shackleford that was worse than the crime.

You can go into your little partisan safety bubble and not see the truth of his lies. That's fine. But you can't ignore that Shack, just like Governor Fletcher, covered up his true intent. Or perhaps, we should call him Ernie Shackleford.

Frank Simon's endorsement would make me more inclined to vote for someone. A good Christian's endorsement should mean something. Does Biblical truth not mean anything to anyone anymore?

Simon once said something akin to "our children are contracting HIV at an alarming rate because homosexuals are raping them"

That's as unchristian as it gets. I couldn't being myself to vote for someone that bigot deemed the correct choice.

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