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September 20, 2007


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57% against the war is a pretty conservative number, in my opinion. Col. Horne sounds like the most qualified. God forbid we have an elected official that has prior military experience. That just makes too much sense.

Andrew Horne will need 2-3million minimum to get out of a primary alive.

What a suprise!!! Were back to money. Thats all elections seem to be about. Lets take a walk on the wild side and vote for a QUALIFIED CANDIDATE.

Andrew Horne is the man! I still think he would have beaten Northup by far more than Yarmuth did.

So Chandler and Miller are definitely out?

Even though I strongly supported Miller in the Gov. primary, I cannot see how he attempts a Senate run based on the disappointing results of the Gov. primary run. He was perfect on the issues, and raised a lot of money, but we could not seem to move the polling numbers. I question how that can translate into a strong Senate race. I'm not sure what the future holds for Miller, but while I suspect it will be bright - I just don't think the Senate race is in the cards.

I really like Crit - she seems so classy to me! But I don't know how well it will go over for her to claim she is not currently looking at a Senate race and then immediately jump into one after she wins re-election as Auditor. Maybe that is inside baseball that most voters won't care about. But I suspect some might be irritated. I do think she could do well in the race.

I know nothing about Brown.

And of course I am a huge Horne fan, and have signed up to drafthorne.org!

Hear, hear!

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