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September 01, 2007


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Well of course they did. The only thing is that it's hard to tell which is the pimp and which is the whore when it comes to unions and Democrat candidates.

Cry me another song!

Wow what a shock.

I heard the other day that there are only about 500 UMWA workers left in Kentucky. If that's true, their power is much less than it was even 35 years ago.

I heard that Hendrickson had been endorsed
by every Union except his own teachers
Kepac group. I checked on that, and found
that some kind of deal was made with a few
repub. Kepac members. Sure smells like
something rotten in Denmark, because everyone I talk to says Hendrickson is
loved by teachers and students throughout
the state. Seems like a teacher should
know more about what teachers and students
need. Ha, maybe Hendrickson will recieve
endorsement from the Kentucky Bar Assoc.
I am a teacher, and I will be voting for
Hendrickson. My sister's husband is a
lawyer, and he is voting for Hendrickson.
I guess Bruce just doesn't have enough
money to convince certain people.

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