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September 26, 2007


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You wrote: I had a veteran Legislator tell me a couple of days back that, "there is an unwritten rule when it comes to elected officials in leadership rolls, most will support them".

EXACTLY. B/c leadership can deliver better than some wild eyed flower child liberal whose only mission is to stop wars and create peace.

The more people which become informed that Mitch is 4F and sends young people overseas to do a job he was never qualified for, the sooner he will be removed from office. I only wish Wendy Ford could run once again and set Kentucky's youth back up for success instead of death and dismemberment.

Mothers and Fathers are fed up with it all. They will insist, the word is INSIST, and the will insist soon that this bloodbath for oil stop. Mitch will not be re-elected. I know that we all mouth off as if we are right. But, ask anyone you know, Mitch will not be re-elected.

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