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September 10, 2007


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Amen brother!

William: Don't agree w/ much of that (except the Casino message not working) but I've gotta hand it to ya, you've got a knack for words. Fun reading always!

(BTW, I used to get Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill as a kid at a bootlegger in Leatherwood in Perry County. That stuff was hillbilly nectar for a 15 year old punk/kid whose only resort to booze was the bootleggers and what we could steal from dad.... aw the good ol' days.)

Live and learn Ernie! Live and learn! DR. Fletcher is in fact throwing in the towel. He is telling just about everyone he knows.

Republicans enjoy the talk about a democratic blow-out. They are pretty good at playing the game. Say it over and over that the democrats are winning, and before you know it, many of the democrats stay home because they feel comfortable. That is a sort of reverse psychology. You know, it is pretty smart, because republicans usually get out to vote. So the democrats better get out there and pull the lever, or they may not win as big as previously thought.

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