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September 20, 2007


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Did my question on the previous post trigger your inquiry? I just kind of casually thought of him as a possibility. Miller vs. Mitch - now that would be an interesting race.

Heard the rumor a couple of times, pure scuttlebutt, however the thought of him running is intriguing.

I'm a-loving this.

Non-christian vs. deadbeat dad vs. shell-shocked vet vs. liquor millionaire. Real fine bunch in that crowd.

Now that is must see TV!

Sounds like every major group in America is represented!!

Laugh until you drop at this, but real Americans are fed up. Mitch can raise 5 billion, and it won't help him. Hey, no bet, just wait and see.

11:07 I have a feeling Kentucky will take any one of those 4 over a closet homo and the worst minority leader in history.

A deadbeat, shell-shocked, liquored up millionaire all rolled up into one would be an improvement.

The Shackster-one ******rolled up into one human turdball.

"Edited by the Shackster"

4:12, you all have been saying Mitch is gay since 1984. You have never gotten any traction with it before, why do you think you will now?

And your comments sure sound prejudiced from someone who purports to be from the party that loves all things "homo."

I am prejudiced against public officials who hate and hide their sexuality in order to keep their political careers alive. They are scum and don't deserve any respect, let alone a job.

I've sent jonathan miller two letters begging him to run against mitch. i think miller and ben chandler would be a great tandem in the senate beginning in 2010

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