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September 04, 2007


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There are people in this world who always
call you up and say things like "Hey, I'm
going to McDonalds to eat, what do you
think I should wear?" How bout this one,
"We're going to go to the movie, but it's
an R rated movie, do you think Joyce and
Bill will think badly of us?" This world
is filled with people who can not think
for themselves. These are the people who
need Ernie Fletcher to tell them when to
go to bed and when to get up. I pity them.

Fletcher and his caravan are doomed. We should see a 30% straight ticket vote and that will wipe everyone out. Maybe even poor Richard.

Looks like Ernie has picked another winning issue. Given a choice, he makes the wrong one every time.

I know that you don't mean anything by your
statement about God 8:31, but I do not
believe that any man should be given a
free ride just for playing ball. Our young
people are trying hard enough to get an
education, and with all respect for Richie,
these young people do not think that he
or anyone else should be given a job just
for playing ping pong or marbles.

Fletcher sees the writing on the wall. He is now packing as many republicans in merit positions even in loe psyinh positions.

For example; the crime lab in Frankfort just hired some new guards. To keep actually qualified democrats from getting the guard jobs; Fletcher required that the new guards have a four year college degree.

Yep, we now have college graduates sitting at the crime lab all night guarding it. Talk about a waste of money. The only thing I can figure is that once these republican college grads get into the merit system, that they are planning to move up in the system as soon as possible. Fletcher is just making sure his people are getting their foot in the door now before he's voted out.

loe psyinh "low paying"

Fletcher is definitely not my candidate of choice, but Beshear has yet to impress me, he wants casino gambling, yet in his campaign ad he boasts about coming from a religious background and singing in church. What is he, A GAMBLING ALTER-BOY? He probably went out behind the church and matched pennies after he sang his hymns. KY does not have much to choose from this time.

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