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September 21, 2007


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We need a candidate who will vote to STOP THE FUNDING for the war. That is the only way to stop this conflict unless the congress can somehow get enough dems to override a pres. veto. Illegal Immigration is a little more complicated. Nationally we need to finish the wall. US and state officals need to pass laws that will punish anyone who hires an illegal alien. Laws need to be passed to give Law enforcement the info they need on anyone they arrest so they can notify ICE. But thats just my opinion.

He should be worried. The Congress across the board, dems and rep. alike, hold the worst approval rating in polling history. I for one don't always believe the polls, but when it shows 3 outta 4 people think you suck that makes me listen.

Seriously Shackster you are one ***************-dumber than a frikkin baked potato without the sour cream and butter.

"Edited by Shackster"

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