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September 27, 2007


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It is very clear that Trey is the more dominate of the two candidates. He has done more for that office in 4 years than the democrats have done in 40. It all comes down to who is going to be more effective in running the office once elected not who is going to return the office to the party who is out of power. On that note Trey not only deserves to be re-elected but Kentuckians should be proud of how he has conducted himself as a gentleman while in the office. My vote is for Trey.

Could you please provide some examples of his accomplishments. I have been looking for them and can not find any. Not the national stuff what has he done at home.

dominance! He wouldn't shut up.

What a day! First, I thought maybe I would stay at home and vote for Bruce because of Nickolas's post. Then, the debate came. Hendrickson was rambling and uninformed. It reminded me of Jack Wood vs. Stumbo. He was clearly out of his league. I agree Grayson was not on his A game. It seemed he was very nervous. However, he at least had ideas and substance.

I will really have to think hard about this race. I do not want to see Grayson have a shot at future races, but he is clearly the more qualified candidate.

On a final note, thank goodness Hendrickson changed his position on early voting since the primary. That is something really important for this state regardless of will be the next Secretary of State.

This wasn't even close. Hendrickson is simply out of his league. I honestly think he is running for the right reasons and seems like a good guy, but Trey has a stronger grasp on the issues, has accomplished much in his four years (civics education, making it easier for military to vote, leading the way for vvpr, cracking down on election fraud in Monroe and bath counties, I could go on) and has a clear plan for the future.

Bruce articulated no plan and his only arrow in the quiver was that Trey was a republican. Shocking! Of course, I suppose we shouldn't expect much from a guy who by his own admission couldn't figure out how to close the curtain in the voting booth his first time.

As for shackelford you have lost whatever sliver of credibility you had left by saying that Bruce won this. The only part of your statement that I agree with was when you said "of course" because of course you picked Bruce. You have blindly followed him since day one. Have some cohones and pick the true winner, Trey Grayson.

I watched the forum. Grayson sounded the very Harvard educated fellow. One must be proud of him for his prepararation and scripted verse. He is good, but not good enough. He was beaten by a hillbilly, who has made an impact on the people of Kentucky for his common man approach to plain sense and fair deals. I will vote for this Hendrickson. He is a breath of fresh air for all the evil going on in the world.


If 9:33 said what I think he said, you should be ashamed to even let that on your blog. You blocked posts that had your own name for a while, but the ultimate derogatory racial slur just gets asterisks. If you wonder why the Eastern part of the state gets the reputation it does, (and I for one have never really thought about that in terms of Bruce, your concern, not mine) 9:33 and your tolerance is exactly the reason.

It is still there. The asterisks are not covering the intent. You had a stronger ban on your own name. This is reprehensible.

The fact that you are Shawnee should be all the more reason to take a stronger stance on this. I would be ashamed if I were you. Of course, I'm not surprised as you and Hendrickson sought out Frank Simon's endorsement.

Never called you or Bruce racist. Just think your discression was way off on that. Plus, I didn't choose to affiliate myself with Simon. There are consequences to your actions, mistake or not.

Grayson is long winded. I guess that makes him the most qualified.

Use common sense. I respect Hendrickson and will vote for him. I am an old man, and I have had my fill of people who think they are better than me; ie, Bush, McConnell, Fletcher, and Grayson. Grayson thinks he is some kind of gift to the world with that fake smile and fast talk. Making fun of the old coach will not change me. Hendrickson will get elected.

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