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July 22, 2007


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"As for coal, I've heard big coal is hedging in this gubernatorial election."

They're not that stupid. They've seen the polls ya know.

I'm no McConnell fan, but his post as Minority Leader places him in a quandary with some positions where he almost has to take Bush's positions whether he knows they are popular in Ky. or not. Again, I wouldn't shed a tear if he left, but I think he's no longer able to speak for himself, exclusively.

Mitch is the weakest Senate leader I've ever seen.

This "War" cannot be justified, I don't think it is any great revelation to say the people in Eastern Ky (or anwywhere else for that matter) are FED UP with it. Duh---do ya really think so?

Can you believe those "liberal democrats in Washington" want this war to end? What are they thinking ---I mean soooo much has been accomplished since we began, the President has already declared "Mission Accomplished" once.

Not so fast there 2:20!
Jefferson County is just over 1/6 of the registered voters. Out here in western Kentucky we decide a bunch of elections after the central time zone results come in. Don't ever sell yourself short.

2:20 here

West KY seems to be able to unite and fight back. East of London it is a real dead mans land.

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