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July 05, 2007


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This will cost B/M the election. I dont care if it was political or not it was the wrong thing to do by both parties and we will look like Jody walked out to cut off Fletchers legs. It will hurt the democrat ticket.

"This will cost B/M the election."

Are you kidding me or what? Fletcher will get 0 points for this.

This will cost Fletcher another 10% in the polls.

It's a toss up. Depending on who makes the smart moves in this pissing contest; either party may come out a winner.

Steve Beshear and DR Dan will be laughing when the next poll come out. Kentucky will not make the same mistake twice!

Fletcher is history!

I don't know--the agenda was way too long. But walking out, an unprecedented action of that sort, was unseemly and could appear disrespectful of the office to the average person who doesn't follow this stuff every day. That's about 80% of the folks. I don't know how it will play in the mind of the average voter, but if it went Fletcher's way I wouldn't be stunned. Americans tend to root for the underdog.

Walking out sent the wrong message. Ie would have been better politicaly to have stayed and fought it out. Just to show how wrong Fletcher really is.

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