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July 10, 2007


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Hayes, Before you go waving a banner too high for Beshear, read this post ... (CAUTION: The content of this post will underscore the ignorance and ineptness of how Beshear 'thinks' and how he would act if elected governor.)

Steve Beshear was interviewed via conference call with DitchMitchKY; Jonathan Singer from MyDD; and Ted Shlechter from The Bridge.

In the interview, which is online at DitchMitchKY, Beshear talked about the economy in Kentucky.

Copied from the article:
1. He (Beshear) noted that KY’s budget is currently woefully inadequate to fund everything that we are in need of.
**** True that ... But listen to what else Beshear said ....

2. He (Beshear) "also criticized the tactic of offering outside businesses tax breaks to move to Kentucky."
**** Say what? Beshear CRITICIZED offering tax incentives for companies want to move to Kentucky. A move which would generate tax income for the state. A move that would generate corporate tax for the State. A move which would employ Kentuckians so that the newly employed workers can spend their money IN Kentucky. So Kentuckians with new jobs can buy homes, food, gas, clothes, shoes, etc., with their new income???? Umm ... remember, Ky's budget is "woefully" inadequate to fund what we are in need of ... so I say ... Ky. needs all the companies we can get to operate IN Kentucky so we can have more jobs IN Kentucky.

3. Beshear's crazy criticism was explained when he said, "He (Beshear) noted that such companies often move here for a few years, only to leave for Mexico or somewhere else where they can get even cheaper labor."
**** Say what? First of all, even if a company does only stay a few years, those few years would be better for Kentuckians, ECONOMICALLY, than NO YEARS. remember, Ky's budget is "woefully" inadequate to fund what we are in need of ... so I say ... Ky. needs all the companies we can get to operate IN Kentucky so we can have more jobs IN Kentucky ... even if it is for a few years ...

**** Beshear is saying that he doesn't want to have new companies in Kentucky because they MIGHT someday, down the road, in the future, MAYBE relocate to Mexico????

**** Plus, where in the world is Beshear coming up with stats that show "Plants that move TO Kentucky are only here for a few years???? What plants might those be. You cannot include Fruit of the Loom since that plant STARTED in Kentucky. What plant or corporation moved INTO Kentucky & left to go to Mexico???? Oh, well, even if there are plants/companies that did that ... a company locating to Kentucky which provides jobs to Kentuckians INCREASES the actual advantage of the economy in Kentucky.

So, I guess Beshear thinks it is better to campaign on improving the economy with the Unconstitutional gaming plan?????

Bringing Companies TO Kentucky is a Constitutional means to generate income for the state. Building casinos all over Kentucky is and UNCONSTITUTIONAL means to generate income ... AND ... Beshear has YET to show the voters HIS proposed Amendment to the Constitution regarding gaming. Talk about a dude 'woefully' out of touch.

Gee 11:42, I am a Beshear supporter but I refuse to be dishonest with myself or anyone else just because the 'truth' might not look as good as a fib.

The truth is, and I will quote a May 23 Pol Watchers article written by Jack Brammer for you,

Lifted from Brammer: "Beshear has made expanded gambling a cornerstone of his campaign this year."

Expanding gaming is Unconstitutional.

Beshear says on his website that after he is in office he would want an amendment on the ballot.

So, until that amendment is on the ballot the "cornerstone" of Beshear's campaign is unconstitutional.

If you want to fib to yourself, go right ahead. If Beshear wants to run on an Amendment then he needs to produce that Amendment before November. Until then, and while gaming is unconstitutional, I refuse to fib to myself ... I find the truth is better than a fib.

I'll still vote for Beshear even if the cornerstone of his campaign is unconstitutional.

Dude at 1:57 -- if you don't know that expanding gaming eg., casinos in kentucky, is unconstitutional and that in order for Beshear's casion expanding gaming plan to ever even be ready to benefit kentucky finanically an Amendment to the Constitution is required, then all I can say is do your homework dude.

Every one in the state knows that Beshear's plan is unconstitutional... beshear doesn't deny it's unconstitutional.

So what gives Fletcher the right to stop the people from voting on it? Sounds like a shit load of word games going on here.

You know give me a Cigar, oh no I mean the cancer causing rolled tobacco stick. Shit man I thought you had something. As usual these GOPers acting like Dems on the blogs.

6:33, Fletcher can NOT let us vote on it. Why would you even ask that? It's BESHEAR'S PLAN meaning ... it's BESHEAR'S AMENDMENT.

Beshear has not shown anyone his Amendment so how in the world could Fletcher have the voters vote on Beshear's Amendment when Beshear is keeping it hidden????

Stop pretending you are a democrat, no democrat would say something as dumb as you just did.

Sheesh man, don't burn yourself on your cigar!

I will give Beshear credit for being the best con artist in Frankfort IF he can get elected as governor. Beshear would probably have pulled off the best political scam ever!! Beshear would have gotten elected with absolutely NO CONSTITUTIONAL OR VIABLE ECONOMIC PLAN whatsoever.

Beshear would pull off his scam by:

1. Using the unconstitutional casino building as the cornerstone of his campaign.

2. Promise that after he is elected he would then, and only then, show the voters what the Amendment to the constitution would look like. (by now beshear has bound to have crossed the t's & dotted the i's on the amendment to the ONLY plan he has).

3. Allow the voters to vote on the Amendment in maybe May 2008 or November 2008.

4. Since the General Assembly would adjourn in either March 08 or April 08 there is NO WAY either the House or Senate could vote on the Amendment until AFTER the Amendment gets on the ballot.

5. In fact, the General Assembly would NOT be able to vote on the Amendment until January 2009! 2009!

6. Unless, Beshear called for a special session either after the May 08 referendum or November 08 referendum.

7. But then, according to recent statements by Beshear, but contrary to Kentucky Constitution Law, the House & Senate would have to agree that a special session regarding casinos in Kentucky is urgent.

8. Now wait, since Beshear is wrong about the constitutional law he has quoted to the press and was described in item 7 here, ... constitutionally speaking, IF Beshear were governor, then Beshear would be able to call a special session after a May 08 vote or Nov. 08 vote even without an agreement from the House or Senate as to urgency of the items on the agenda.

9. But, then the democrats in the House would probably adjourn the same day they convened because since building casinos would not be urgent business, dems in the House would not want to waste our tax money keeping them in a special session that isn't urgent -- and business that could wait til next session January 2009.

10. So, the General Assembly would not be able to address the Amendment until January 2009. We are back to 2009!

11. Meanwhile, between now & January 2009, Kentucky would have gained NO NEW NET REVENUE because Kentucky would have lost the potential revenue from Peabody because Peabody is going to decide between Kentucky, Illinois & Indiana before the House meets in January 2008.

12. But that's FINE and DANDY with Beshear because Beshear criticises 'offering outside businesses tax incentives to move to Kentucky, unless the outside business is a casino business.'

13. So, back to when Kentucky will begin offering outside casino business incentives??? Well, that would have to be addressed in the House and Senate BUT not until the Amendment was passed by the House & Senate.

14. The House & Senate would have to pass the Amendment in the 1st session of 2009 and POSSIBLY be able to address offering tax incentives to outside casino business in the 2nd session 2009.

15. If no agreement is reached in the 2nd session 2009, the House & Senate would have to discuss offering tax incentives to outside casino businesses in January 2010.

16. So, when will Beshear's unconstitutional casino's be built so Beshear's unconstitutional plan can begin to hopefully realize money for Kentucky?

17. Since law makers have to follow the laws, the earliest would most likely be the summer of 2010 and guess what? That would be right in time for the next gubernatorial race.

18. Did anyone mention that out of that unrealized money ... or fantasy money ... the budget would have to include increased funding for State & local police departments to deal with the illegal prostitution, addictions etc., that go hand in hand with casinos?

oh well, like I said, IF Beshear can get elected with NO CONSTITUTIONAL OR VIABLE ECONOMIC PLAN then he IS the best con artist in Frankfort.

There will be a lot MORE people losing health insurance and education will truly suffer if Beshear pulls this scam off ...

I'm not saying Beshear is a neo-con ... Beshear is just an OLD-CON.

I can say one thing you guys must be paid by the Fletcher campaign because you certanly work your ass off drafting this non sense.

You should write a book and publish your collection of wingnut bullshit.

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