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July 11, 2007


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Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo.

I am a democrat and did NOT get any robo calls.

I DID call Rep. Ruth Ann Palumbo and tell her she should uphold the duties of her office and uphold the constitutional laws of this state and get back to Frankfort.

In summary, I told Ruth Ann Palumbo that too many issues on the agenda were too important to the taxpayers of Kentucky and that those items could NOT wait until January of next year to address.

I told her that the business of the voters in the Commonwealth needed to be addressed (airport funding, Peabody tax incentives, University funding)and could not wait until January to be looked into.

I let her know that the leaders in Frankfort should not shut down government for the next 4 months just because of the election.

I also told her that Peabody was going to pick a state BEFORE January, the runway funding has to be approved BEFORE January 1st as required by the FAA, and the cost of construction at the Universities would go up and the project delayed at least 8 to 10 months if House democrats continued to illegally shut down government just because there is an election going on.

The catalyst of my call was due to nothing except the actions of the democrats -- my call had nothing to do with a robot explaining politics to me.

Mr. Miller et. al. can stop blaming MY CALL to Rep. Palumbo on some robot.

I didn't then and I don't now need a robot on a telephone explaining to me what I can see with my own eyes ... the House dems illegally shut down government because an election is going on ... as a result jobs produced by Peabody will most likely go to another state, jobs created by construction beginning this year will most likely have to wait for 8 to 10 months ... that is NOT what the voters in this state want.

11:23 & 11:25 Maybe you need to go outside and off of your blogs -- maybe then you will see that many a democrat was upset with the House walking out and the more we find out about the agenda, the number of irritated democrats is increasing.

Since you might be blogging all day & not mixing in with humans, I'll tell you what the buzz is from my democratic friends. In short, we are upset that it is so typical for politicians to put politics before the needs of the voters.

Here, you have the democrats so desperate to stalemate Fletcher, just because there is an election coming up, that they are willing to play politics and put our economy on hold for 6 months. That's not cool!

That is also so typical of all politicians -- not just democrats -- it just happens it is democrats this time.

You can believe what ever you want. You can believe that only republicans are upset with the walkout ... I could care less. You can think I am a republican all you want and I still won't care.

But, you are so short-sighted if you don't think that the regular voter can't see right through this political game. It happens all the time in politics and we aren't so stupid that we can't see it when our own party does it.

I am not about to ignore their political game being put ahead of our economy just because they are members of my own party.

These kinds of political games are why our state is in the shape it is. 45th this, 47th that. Politicians should do their jobs and stop worrying about the stupid election. If they did their jobs they wouldn't need to worry about who looks good in the election. Right now, they all look bad.

Maybe if you all demanded the same things I demand from politicians, they would stop playing politics and get down to the business they should be focusing on, US and OUR economy and not their stupid election coming up.

Miller and "Hayes," you are both idiots. Ernie Fletcher did not make those calls. The state GOP did.

And yes, please, I urge EVERYONE to click that link to send an e-mail. You'll be very surprised at the response you get.

11:23 -


That's a blog written by a Democrat taking issue with the House on constitutional grounds.

Cant say he is siding with the Republicans. He seems to be siding with the constitution, something David Williams has previously proved the Republican Senate at least had no use for.

You have obviously not read Section 80 of Ky. Constitution. It appears that neither has Steve Beshear.

1. Governor may call extraordinary session of General Assembly, adjourn General Assembly.

2. He may, on extraordinary occasions, convene the General Assembly at the seat of government, or at a different place, if that should have become dangerous from an enemy or from contagious diseases.

3. In case of disagreement between the two Houses with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper, not exceeding four months.

4. When he shall convene the General Assembly it shall be by proclamation, stating the subjects to be considered, and no other shall be considered.

5. Text as Ratified on: August 3, 1891, and revised September 28, 1891.
History: Not yet amended.

No where does this Section, which grants the governor the power to call a special session, does it require the governor to sit "down with the leadership of both the Senate and the House and hammered out a few agenda items to focus on before he demanded a special session, we would be in a special session."

The Constitution grants the governor to call a special session ... without permission from leaders from the opposite side of the isle.

The governor has the Constitutional power to "demand' a special session at his free will.

And the House can adhourn a special session when they see fit. It is called checks and balances dip shit.

7:43 you are constitutionally WRONG.

The House, nor the Senate may adjourn when they "see fit."

In both Section 41 & Section 80 there are constitutional laws that dictate the manner they are allowed to adjourn.

In section 80 ... which is posted above your comment and is the section addressing "special sessions" ... it clearly says,

"In case of disagreement between the two Houses with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper, not exceeding four months"

The House did NOT get an agreement with the Senate before they adjourned. Did they?

In fact, the exact same day the House adjourned, the Senate told them to go back and convene.

They did not get the 'agreement' with the Senate, did they?

THAT'S where they broke Constitutional Law.

And you called the above poster the 'dipshit?' Me thinks you should look in the mirror?

10:46 : If the House interprets Section 80 for regular session than they are stupid fools.

I'm going to cut & paste the title of Section 80 from the Ky. Constitution for your convenience.

"Kentucky Constitution Section 80

Governor may call extraordinary session of General Assembly, adjourn General Assembly."


The word "regular session" is NOT even used anywhere in Section 80. Section 80 addresses the governors Constitutional right to call extraordinary session a.k.a. special session.

I'm thinking maybe you haven't had enough coffee for your brain yet today.

The complete copy of Section 80 Ky. Constitution is copied in the post above at july 12, 11:00PM

If you read that post you will see, without a doubt, the governor can call a special session when HE sees fit and there is no constitutional requirement that the governor get an agreement with the House or the Senate as to whether or not the special session is urgent.

The governor has a constitutional right to call a special session when ever he damn well pleases and the House does NOT have a Constitutional right to adjourn when ever they damn well please.

I suggest you, get a cup coffee, read the Constitution and not some blog for your constitutional law information ... perhaps you'll even want to consult your state representative about Section 80.

Geesh, Hayes, what level of education do the people who are attracted to your blog these days have? I mean, it isn't like Section 80 is vague ... It sure speaks for itself -- clearly deals with special sessions and not regular sessions ... geesh!

11:10, No, you're not right. But hey, if thinking that gets you through day, cool.

Do you think that robo calls are more a democratic party tool or a republican?


Shaun Dakin
CEO, Citizens for Civil Discourse

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