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May 31, 2007


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I hope Miller has the good sense to mix up his staff. Not everyone in Kentucky relates to the Masters degree crowd.

And some of us with master's degrees still know what the real world is, for what that's worth.

I understand what you're saying though; ppl from Lexington and Louisville sometimes forget that politics and campaigning happen differently in the rest of the state. I for one hope that doesn't get lost because it would be a real shame.

I think Jonathan has learned alot in this primary and he knows how to talk to people. I think he will be a great chairman! ITS MILLER TIME!

UT OH!!! BETTER HIDE THE CHECK BOOK ... ole bankrupt-king Jonathan Miller is in charge.

Jonathan Miller is a joke

If Miller had any dignity or honor, he would resign from his state job the way the new Republican chairman did.

11:23 - I'm betting Miller won't resign, he has no dignity, no honor & no sense of how to manage anything financial!

I'm just waiting to see how many times he bankrupts the KDP - twice like KAPT or just once like the Teacher's Pension?

Hey Miller, when you bankrupt the KDP the Gen. Assembly won't be able to bail you out THIS TIME!

If you guys acting like children are Democrats, please go register as you act REPUBLICAN!

These are Republican trolls! Pay no attention!

12:26 - The so-called "trolls" sure are speaking the TRUTH. What's wrong, you deny the truth about your own people?

12:26 Great comeback. When you don't like the truth getting out about people in YOUR party -- call the "messenger" of the truth a troll. WOW! Now that's original.

How about using a little intellect and point out where these "trolls" are wrong? Can you?

Can you prove with facts & intellect that Miller didn't bankrupt KAPT twice? NO - BECAUSE MILLER DID BANKRUPT KAPT TWICE.

Can you prove with facts & intellect why the General Assembly had to bailout KAPT once (after Miller bankrupt it the first time) and then the second time Miller bankrupt it (within one year). Can you prove with facts & intellect that the 2nd time the General Assembly just said NO WAY to bailout KAPT, under Miller, to the loser financial man ... err ... Treasurer Miller.

Can you prove with facts & intellect that Miller didn't bankrupt the Teacher's Pension to the tune where the General Assembly had to issue an 80 million dollar bailout? NO, BECAUSE IT HAPPENED.

Troll or no troll ... why do you think that people who speak the truth are on the opposite side of the aisle?

Are you saying we shouldn't be nauseated when people from our own party make our party look bad bec. they are inept, corrupt & unethical?

Do YOU think we should continue to support inept, corrupt & unethical leaders just bec. they are from our party?

Are you saying that YOU are not nauseated when you see corrupt, inept government leaders from your own party?

I am, I get nauseated when people from my own party are so utterly inept and then they expect us to vote for them and forget how corrupt and unethical they are.

Republican Trolls and sock puppets is what I hear. You have no legs when you try to act like 3 or 4 different people and you are only one. It is getting old diamond lady or mustang or whatever you call yourself these days. Hayes, are these the same f*cking people?

2:28 same old song dude. Call the truth tellers trolls ... ho hum yawn.


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