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March 05, 2007


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people always complain about neg. campaigns... but they also usually respond to the attacks.

They responded especially well in November 2006 to Northup's distortions about having built a bridge across the Ohio, her involvement in Louisville's South End, and how, on the eve of the election, she decided that maybe it was time for Rumsfeld to go.

The Bush/Cheney/McConnell/Northup supported (and borrowed and paid for) War is still going on claiming the lives of America's women and men each and everyday, and the audacity that she or anyone else who have been and are part and parcel of America's involvement in this affair to say they feel that should be elevated to a higher position, putting the Peter Principle into motion, is unbelievable. While Bush/Cheney/McConnell/Northup revel in the troop surge, Osama Ben Laden, the man we all know was most responsible for 9/11, remains free. Of course, none of that foursome ever spent a day in uniform actually defending the American people. Why should anyone expect that they would be able to lead our country?

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