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February 17, 2007


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UK is a lock for the NCAA tournament. I don't know what your talking about. Now, what they do when they get there is another matter, but they are in, without question.

A lock? I was talking worse case scenario here. If they finish 18-13 they will not go to the dance. If they do with an 18-13 record and plus to achieve that record UK would have to lose EIGHT games in a row, NO top 25 wins (unless IU stays in). The RPI means crap son, look at Michigan 3 years ago, IU 2 years ago. But this is UK the best of the best, I see your point, they could get in with a 18-13 record, and they would get roasted. Shoot Bobby boy the only way they would see the NCAA is on TV. But that is the worse case scenario. Tubby will find a way to get to 20 wins. He always does.

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