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April 22, 2010


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WOW! He should resign!

Why has'nt anyone mentioned this before? I have to say that I was voting for Conway but after reading this I think I will either stay home or hold my nose and vote Mongiardo.

It is shocking that the mainstream media cares this little about elderly people. The Medicare Star Rating System is based solely on the information provided by the individual nursing home, and compares it to other nursing homes in ky as well as nationally. This is information that should be posted on the door of all nursing homes before we entrust them with our loved ones.

Conway has a lot of nerve saying that the Medicare rating system for nursing homes is confusing. Just search "medicare nursing home compare" and see if you think it is confusing. Any lawyer that can't come up with a better lie that that is not a good enuff lawyer to hold a public office or even be allowed in a courtroom.

I am appalled and embarrassed.

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