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March 02, 2009


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FedCURE is the world's leading advocate for America's, ever growing, federal inmate population. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to extend an invitation to each of you to join us in our efforts to reform the federal criminal justice system in the United States. Federal CURE, Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that, inter alia, deals largely with the issues faced by federal inmates and their loved ones.

We are working to reinstate parole; increase good time allowances; provide for compassionate releases; restore PELL grants; and opportunities for successful reentry into the community, for all federal offenders; and promote a system that incarcerates fewer people and provides humane conditions for those who are incarcerated or under post-incarceration supervision via parole or supervised release. Over 45,000 people were released from federal prison last year.

FedCURE authored the last three federal parole bills. A new bill sits on Rep. Danny K. Davis's desk, waitng to be introduced to the 111th Congress. See: http://www.fedcure.org/alerts/07April2004UrgentActionAlertFundraising.shtml.

Come join us.

Best Regards:

Web site: http://www.fedcure.org

E-mail-Contact us: http://www.fedcure.org/contact.shtml

If parole is good enough for the Kentucky prison system, it is good enough for the Federal prison system. It's good to see Kentucky being more Progressive than the Federal government, now let's get the Federal government back in step with the wish of the majority of the people, that prisoners should be eligible for parole.

I agree that federal parole and the good time bill needs to be passed in congress. This would at least create a happy medium for those wrongfully convicted and would help relieve the burden on the tax payers. We need to stop building new prisons and get rid of the "cuff em and stuff em" attitude. The prison and judicial system is ineffective as it stands today. More inmate, more prisons, more inmates, more prisons......this is NOT working!
I hope President Obama holds true to his "change" promise and Congress, please do the right thing.
P.S. My brother is wrongfully incarcerated and can prove it with the right attorney and a new trial. But no one seems to care that the rest of his life is destroyed because he was convicted of something he DID NOT DO!

I agree with bringing federal parole back now!!I also believe that the USSC needs to stop these federal mandatory minimum sentences and resentence those who have been given them especially for the 1st time, non-violent offenders and not just for the crack/powder cocaine sentences,it should apply to all drugs and save billions of our tax dollars every year and support the good time bill HR1475
Sherilyn Yeley

I also agree with reinstating Federal parole .
The LONG sentences handed out from federal judges especially on "conspiracy" drug charges is ridiculous. The cost to house an inmate is 40K a year!
The nonviolent, low level inmate needs a chance at parole just as state ones have.
If enough of us speak up will someone listen?

wake up america they dont care about our families all they care about is the kingpins who r bringing the drugs from mexico so they can put federal prisons on the stock markets and warehouse our families as commototies yes they should reinstate federal parole so they can all go broke .

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