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August 28, 2008


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It was a truly great day when the indictments were announced, and that day will only be trumped when they are convicted and sentenced.

Its a shame That little 5ft.even zack told u so well its not over till its over u think u and ur daddy Bruce r getting out of vote buying well get ready its ur turn u did it also with the help of the upstanding citizens of pineville and unite queen and chief of pole pole and the good o morning coffee drinkers

Lord help us. Ms./Mr. Cliton above obviously has little education, which most probably accounts for the majority of voters who slurrped up the meds before voting. I can't believe CLITON above can focus her/his mind long enough to spell coffee. This my fellow Americans is why we
are all doomed. This lack of education is going to destroy all the others.
Oops, I think I misspelled Clinton. Let's just leave it, it might fit.

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