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March 15, 2008


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Good blog. People in Bell County are singing a lot of songs now days. One of the most popular is "I Hear The Train A Comin".

The Thompson indictment is what comes out of the back end of a bull. Luallen's office did a partisan hack job of an audit and the federal investigator took Critter's audit report verbatim and turned it into an indictment. Before he leaves office President Bush ought to order the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky to drop the charges against Thompson because they are politically motivated.

Thompson is more corrupt than Newsome ever thought about.

BOPTROT well a man that is some kin to me, and who I actually like was caught in that investigation Bill Strong. Governor Breshear should be in jail, as should Ray Larson with others here in this county for what they pulled in the Bill Slone, and Joshua Drake cases. I filed complaints this week on several officials. I am going to be doing some more this week. The one on the bribe I was asked for is really going to hit home.

People are sick of the drug king pens. Children are threatened enough now days, and
parents are eventually going to have to form vigiliante groups to really put a stop. You know, if there is a child porn freak out there, people go after him. If there is a drug dealer, fathers are afraid to go after him. You are going to see things happen in this last -days of America.

Don't forget about former Congressman Chris Perkins from Knott County getting caught up in the House bank scandal of writing thousands of dollars in cold checks. I sure Carl was turning in his grave.

Also I recall there was a Republican House member from Knox County who was indicted in federal court and served some time back in the 1990's (Smith?). I can't recall what it was for but I remember seeing the FBI undercover video on TV.

Also former Johnson Judge-Executive Hobert Meade went to Federal prison in the mid 1990's after pleading guilty to fixing prices on trucks being purchased by the county and extorting money from contractors in return for landing FEMA disaster cleanup contracts.

When it comes to corruption in SE and East Kentucky, it has clearly been bipartisan.

The pending Bell County indictments will make all the rest rolled into one look like a church picnic. There won't be anyone left standing, and the collateral damage is going to be interesting, too.

You know, these blogs may be the beginning of the end for assholes who rape the public. If we continue to discuss these bastards publicly, they may not get such strong footholes anymore. Good job- Rural Dem. Maybe
start something new, like, whistleblowers protecting our kids.

Jezuz! At least 1 out of 5 elected criminals go to prison in SEKY! I had no idea these many people had been arrested over the years.

Mr. Patrick who was jailer was tried concerning inappropriate use of funds at the Perry County jail, Kenneth Baker was sent to jail. I can not remember if it was County Attorney or Commonwealth Attorney, Judge Doug Combs who I still like, but he is in trouble. Of course the ones that never got to trail is far worse.

Hazard Mayor Gorman's brother was a major player in the Wally Wilkinson scandal. I'm sure there's more Perry corruption that'll come to mind later.

Keep tuning in folks. You ain't seen nothin yet. No telling how many are going down in the next few weeks. People are simply sick of the reputation these low-lives give our area. The southeast must change, or we will
be more famous than Los Angeles. And I ain't
talkin basketball. We could be the sicko center of the U.S. if the feds don't keep rollin.

I dont think LARRY LEE from Harlan spent any time in prison..CHeck it out and see..

Lee served a little time and got out on shock probation. Otis Doan got him out after a month or so.

Well, finally Rural has an issue they can do something about, but . . . will they?

The list you posted, is absolutely, a referendum East Kentucky needs to find some activist that want CHANGE.

JAS in Frankfort

It takes a lot of nerve for Johhny Ray Turner to file for re-election after pleading GUILTY of vote fraud. His ego must be enormous to think that the hard working workers of the 29th district would re-elect a convict.

1229--Watch him win. That's what's so galling about it all. These pure scumbags give credence to the maxim that one gets the government he deserves. People know these people are dishonest crooks when they vote for them, but they do it anyway, because they want that load of blacktop. I've heard elected officials and aspirings ones say things to the effect of "it's a shame you can't run a clean race." The damn people demand dirty elections. So on the one hand, these people need to be convicted and locked up. But on the other, the citizens aren't lily white in these affairs, either. Not by a long shot. I've seen it. It will take Federal intervention of the type we are seeing, and the commitment to "come and stay" to break this cycle of corruption because it is endemic.

i think the politicans need to be checked out in Harlan now.. See if theres any dirty things going on...Starting from the top all the way down to the bottom of the totem pole.

Good response 1229. And with total agreement with you, the time has come. My friends and family members are fed up with the trash. We live and let live. We have always been law abiding citizens. We have always made our children mind the school teachers. We have always, some way, paid our bills. The world is in too much trouble for these things to get swept under the rug. Peope are now expecting things to get done, and from our vantage point, things look very favorable for the law abiding citizens. Everyone keep blogging. Something is happending here. People are gaining great confidence, and their responses are going to help keep the morale of the feds up.

Great achievement Rural Democrat for providing a medium for these things to be discussed. You may be the next Larry King.

great comments... let the KY attorney general come in and do some investigation.
See whats going on thats legal and whats not legal..
Money being spent like crazy..no wonder the counties are broke...

That's a good point, 728. I hadn't really thought about that particular angle. But here we are in a budget crunch; if the Feds would continue investigating these phlegm wads and locking them up, that's where the "waste, fraud and abuse" is. At the county court houses. We wouldn't have to raise taxes.

Not to be a smarta**, but the Judge that was caught as a cross dresser in Floyd wasn't it. Don't forget Julian Carrolls connection with the blue grass conspiracy, Martha Layne Collins and the scandal with piano, and her husband. So many.

Folks have been complaining about "waste, fraud and abuse" is east ky for decades. Sure, some get caught and go to jail, but it doesn't stop anything. One dumbass moves out, another moves in. This dead horse has been kicked and kicked and kicked with little or nothing being done.

If Mitch McConnell had shown that he has a set of gonads, Ernie Fletcher would still be governor and Greg Stumbo's name would be listed right there alongside Johnny Ray Turner's. It was the worst kept secret in the mountains that the feds were really taking a hard look at Stumbo. McConnell should have called Stumbo to tell him that unless he dropped the investigation of Fletcher, the feds were gonna come full force after Scumbo and would nail his adultering deadbeat dad drunken ass to the wall.

1050--they still are. Part of the whole Bell County investigation. So goes the talk in the streets of Pineville. I don't know a thing, but that's what people say. I repeat, I can testify to nothing. The Feds don't need any help from Mitch McConnell to investigate anyone.

Bulletbob, what does Greg Scumbo have to do with Bell County, other than the fact that Bowling (was that his name?) was his law partner?

The Feds may not need any help from Mitch, but it's a little too late for Ernie Fletcher and his governorship.

1109--Bowlimg was his law partner. Nuff said

McConnell and Rogers have both been menioned in the past about helping some of these scum bags get out of trouble. They both are drowning in their own political sweat, I wonder if they are going to do themselves totally in and try to interfere again with federal investigations. Seems like anyone doing that should be incicted. Anyone remember Richard Nixon???

Talk is around Bell County that the F.B.I. have a lot of information regarding the wet/dry election of 02 in Pineville. Appears there was a lot of help to the anti-wet vote,
as in money and booze, from across the line, in Tennessee and Virginia. That certainly signals the Feds. They are saying that Clay County will look like small taters after Bell County is smoked.

montgomery county has a corrupt jailer and
has been in trouble with the state.
buys prisoners vehicle for bond money
beth mays one of two circuit judges is j
also corrupt. she also does drugs and partys
quite often. her husband is in federal prison
and i believe him to be less corrupt than
his wife.

Just for the record, my grandfather, Ford Bowling (former Sheriff of Leslie County)never went to jail. Yes he was indicted, but the case was dismissed because he didn't do anything wrong. He was a good man.

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