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March 19, 2008


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I hope those prosecuters drag every bit outta those cover ups ..its been covered up [way too long...TIME for the REAL TRUTH TO come out. and for the public to know ..

No one has the guts to testify against these people. Everyone is kin and everyone is locked into fear of revenge.

This mess has nothing to do with fear. One of the blog responses had it right the other night. These people are no different than the mafia and boys in the dark from Chicago or any other city. They all want to keep everything under cover so that they can share in the wealth and of course want that special feeling, you know the: I am better than you thing. So most of these loons elect the scum of the earth so they can get their little ones out of trouble when needed. It is not nuclear physics, it is the old way that so many backwards believe it can still be like. Got news for everyone, a New Day is Dawning. Sounds like a good title for a book.

4:32 is right, fear exists not because of being shot or being killed the fear exist because these loons control peoples jobs. You speak out of turn and you find yourself in the unemployment line.

Loosing jobs ain't the problem, hardly anyone works in Harlan County anymore. As long as other middle class people keep working and paying the taxes and the "checks" keep coming in the mail they'll be alright. 4:32 is right about the fear. It's also about people being indifferent to the whole situation. Even the good people won't come fwd becaue they think it will be a waste of time.

A new day will dawn in Harlan County when it becomes a golf course or a lake. Elected official as well as the police have behaved the same way in that area for years.

The new sheriff is fighting for the people of Harlan and we are so happy Duff is out on his bum. He is a dirty scary and evil man that allowed drug dealers to take over Harlan when he was sheriff. In a couple of years the fear will erode way.

I say dam it up at Loyal - the rest - burn it and rake it. Harlan is good for nothing.

"That opens up contract killing to Walmart shoppers."

You are a RIOT!

But on a SERIOUS note, I hope all those responsible are brought to justice.


As an assistant Public Advocate at the time, I remember how so many prosecutors' drug cases were messed up because Roger Hall did favors for other officers and took their drug evidence to the State Crime Lab, while he took his own case evidence. Since he could not testify about the chain of custody of that evidence, that evidence had to be thrown out. When a Detective can't testify, a lot of evidence gets thrown out for the "chain of custody" reason. Kenneth Stepp.

Pure scum. I am so pleased that the Feds are going to see that mega fur is going to fly in Bell County. Re the Browning case, Harlan County is about to get a good flush, too. It's about time. The pure treachery that exists that stymies peoples lives is sickening, and the people who perpetrate it have no conscience, but rather have some sense of entitlement. Based upon what, other than "daddy," I don't know, but it's really nothing short of inhumanity to humanity, and they are beyond the abilty to see it. That's how depraved they are.

I love it when somebody makes a third grade student level statement like, "It won't do any good to arrest these people, cause other scum will take over." Man, what fools can think like this? You may as well say, don't have the police do anything to a child rapist, cause somebody else will do it anyway. The people you hear make statements like that above are the very ones that wish to see the evil allowed to continue. We all must fight evil, and fight until our kids have the slightest chance for a better life.

I say clean em out. Clean em all out. Top to bottom. They say that the Mayor of Manchester was a beloved father figure. That he was a fine church man and great leader for years. Justice comes to all men. In the end, goodness has a way of overcoming the smut that crawls around in the alleys at night. Take em all to Hell. Keep em away from my children, or I will help.

It needs a good flush. Treachery is probably to soft of a word, but the people are to blame too. Folks back here have sat on their asses for years and watched Harlan County turn into the wild west. Hopefully this case will expose ALL the corruption that has been going on and fill up the jailhouse with the "pure scum" 9:56 is talking about.

Blondell needs to do an A++ job here. She ain't excuded from the good ol boy group. It is high time that she treads on the straight and narrow. Could change her life for the better as well as the rest of Bell County.

Everything came in to fine focus when Porky Pig Warren got arrested for loads of cocaine. He is the singing bird, and anyone that goes down can thank him. Of course, many others helped to confirm the problems that are being corrected, Ah, for the assholes who think that they can buy elections! Funny how birds of a feather fall together. After everyone goes to jail from Bell, there wil be an Eastern Kentucky block of hundreds in one cell block.Big Bubba will have a nice choice of prime fat ass would be tough guys to sleep with every night. Hal and Mitch can not help clean up on this one.
They have to get re-elected, or so they think.They can not win, too much corruption!!

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