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April 10, 2007


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They can always go into federal court.

The OAG will do nothing. I guess the OAG means the Ole Attorney General? Lunsford is licking his chops anticipating a runoff against Henry.
We are living in bad times in Kentucky and I am ashamed of our State. I hope the majority of voters feel the same way.
With Richards imploding Henry should level off at 20 or 25%. Scary days ahead for us Dems.

It ain't over till it's over. Don't write this off yet. I hear there's more bad news coming for Henry on this front and a few others.

Would somebody do an open records to KREF and ask them for a copy of the document which allows KREF to give an extension of time for a complaint.

Funny, there isn't any document.

KREF is violating its own policy and KAR.

KREF isn't just violating policy.


I've said from the beginning there will be nothing done because someone wants the guy in there. There is ample evidence of wrongdoing. Why nothing? Either that or as the article hypothsizes the wait is on until after he wins the primary and then the trap is set. But something is up. No other explanation.

Something is up. Big something. Look for developments in the next day or two.

No more so than the criminal Nickolas. What ever happened to all of his troubles?

Nickolas is not running for office, 8:12. Migth want to pay attention to the guys who are running (especially your candidate).

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