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February 12, 2007


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I get tickled at all these self appointed "I know whats right" fools who couldnt get elected dog catcher casue they are nuts. We got a chance here to create some level land and improve upon Gods creation. Just as we improved upon having to carry wood and coal in the house we now got power plants that give it to us on power lines. These people who oppose mining are just a bunch of college prof's and stoopit college kids who dont know any better. They are now doing the true environmental movement more harm than good hiding behind the environment to attack our American capitalist system. Hypocrites are what they are. They like the power and heat to come on but they then turn around and slap in the face every miner and supplier or equipment maker who risk his life everyday to give them the power they demand. These yankees in short pants coming down here trying to tell us how to live our lives are a joke and anyone who thinks downing coal miners will get them elected as Ky's next gov are stoopit as the kooks they are sucking in an attempt to get their vote. BIG mistake to think all us coal miners will not stick together on election day. Give me a good old boy from Harzard who knows the truth. That is that the number one reason there has not been the same level of development here in the mt's as in the rest of the state is THE LACK OF LEVEL DEVELOPABLE LAND. Wake up and lets send these dum-dums back to the northern Ky la la land. When they live in a cave and dont use electricity I will say they have merit untill then they are hypocrites. NO engineers will back these kooks up only social prof's who want to re-live their 60's hippy days. Domestic terrorist is who they are they damage equipment and burn down buildings and then want to try and take the high road by hiding behind GOD to do it all. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

What the living hell?

"Create some level land" ?? What are these people smoking?



It is a fact of the progression of the industry. If you ever had to work in the mines you would understand. The land belongs to the coal or land companies so all you can do is fight for regulation NOT termination. Men have to work so their babies can eat. Why don't you take a drive to a strip mine site and carry a sign. Lets see how many men on that site walk up and shake your hand. Go to the local grocery store in Evarts Kentucky and carry a sign and see how many people shake your hand. G*d D**n cyber hippies.

1790-2001: 8.36 billion tons of coal mined in KENTUCKY!
All those fancy roads you drive on in Louisville and Lexington was built by the blood and sweat of the coal miner and now you guys want to protest our industry. Mountaintop removal SUCKS. I hate it but to hell with that mountain if it means I have a job son.

So why do people who live in other parts of the country where there are mountains have jobs?

One of the big problems is that we have allowed our politicians and the coal industry to hoodoo everyone into believing that the only form of economic development is coal.

The population in eastern Kentucky is shrinking because people are moving away and very few people want to into eastern Kentucky. Who wants to invest all of their money in a home when a coal mine could move in above or below you and the next thing you know you've either lost your well water, your foundation is cracking because of constant blasting, your being flooded out by normal thunder storms, or the dust and mud is so bad you can't go outside onto your porch.

I've never talked with a deep miner or a surface miner who ever said he or she hopes their son or daughter grows up to work in the mines. Everyone see miners suffering from black lung and other health problems by the time they are 40 or 50 years old.

Economic development is one thing, but Kentucky throws 100 million dollars in tax breaks and tax incentives to the coal industry every year. I'm pretty sure is the state started investing some of that money in locally owned small businesses in eastern Kentucky they would do a lot more good and a lot less harm. Who knows some, of that money might even stay in eastern Kentucky. Until living in eastern Kentucky becomes a safe investment, such as good schools, good roads, healthy communities, a diversity of job opportunities, and safe investments in homes, people will not be moving to eastern Kentucky. When a coal mine moves in next to your home they are and the value of your home drops through the floor, they are steeling money from you.

By the way it was folks in Evarts who stood up to say not to taking the top off of Big Black Mountain, the tallest mountain in Kentucky. So apparently its ok to take the tops off of the mountains above other people's homes just not Big Black Mountain.

Also having Bill Caylor, the president of the Kentucky Coal Industry, giving the history of mountaintop removal mining is like asking Andrew Jackson to give a history of Indians in this country. At least you could have talked with the folks from the UMWA to get their perspective of the history.

Mountaintop removal creates nothing...as with all forms of strip mining, it is LESS productive in the long run, meaning that the mining jobs won't last as long for Eastern Kentucky. Fine, enjoy the fact that you have a job that destroys the environment now, but what will you tell your grandkids when the coal company is gone because they've already taken what little coal they didn't waste by using an inefficient process just because it was cheaper.
Usable land? Really? Is that why hospitals built on these sites have to shut down when they start sinking, or the prison built out there is one of the most expensive in the country BECAUSE they had to pay so much to make the ground stable. Mountaintop removal does NOT produce good land, it will shorten the length of time the coal companies are in the area (meaning that there won't be ANY jobs in a couple of generations), and it wastes a good deal of the coal that is there.
For those of you who claim that it's the only way to develop the land, let me ask you: if this has been going on for thirty years, where is the development? Where are the new jobs?
You can't answer because by destroying the world around you, you destroy any chance at a viable economy. Not only is mountaintop removal a tragedy in that we are destroying the oldest mountains AND the most diverse deciduous forests on Earth, but also because it is not economically viable in the long run.
Of course coal miners won't shake my hand if I protest down there, because they've been too busy blowing up mountains to study the situation and realize that they are killing themselves, their families for generations to come, and their very culture.

Hey COAL COAL COAL COAL!!!! Can you hear the word COAL! The post above from the Evarts Coal Miner says it well.

"The land belongs to the coal or land companies so all you can do is fight for regulation NOT termination"

It is regulated. Strip mining will not stop. I too believe the coal operator needs to be held to the fire and over the past 10 years he has. GW BUSH has let them get by with literal MURDER the past 7 years!

One thing you can bet on is this: If the coal can be got they are going to get it! And there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

We do not need a candidate for governor trying to start a war he can not win. Caylor may be a jerk but he is smart. If you think you can whip a a group of billionaires with words. Shoot you a damn fool. We need the jobs and if done correctly and SOME strip mining is VERY beneficial to our communities. We have built schools, businesses, factories, industrial parks, wildlife habitats and airports on old strip sites. Let the professionals do the job. Not some snot nose kid who wants to be governor. The people of Eastern Kentucky will not stand behind him I can guarantee that.

My, how easily people are brainwashed into buying the coal industry's propaganda.

Fact of the matter is I'm not in Louisville. I come from a coal mining family on the Big Sandy River.

Hayes, even though that's not your real name, you should be careful when throwing around "FACTS" that aren't actually facts. They're from the most influential lobbying group in the world. Second only to big oil.

Tell the thousands of people working in the factories created by strip mining they are "brainwashed". Tell the thousands of kids and college students going to schools built on strip sites they are "brainwashed"
I could on and on. The fact is you use what you have and we have coal, trees and mountains. That's it pal! So if there is some way we can improve our lives by utilizing a terrible byproduct of strip mining I AM 100% for it. I suggest you visit some of the industries and schools built on some of these sites. I invite you to take a walk in the mountains that will not be touched like Cumberland and Pine and watch the bears and elk which have flourished because of newly created grazing lands. I hate it just as much as you do but some very smart people I figured out a way to build us a future from it. I work in one of those "brainwashed" factories and while my whole family are coal miners I was lucky to have a choice. We can take some and save some. That's the way it is and screw you for saying the people of Eastern Kentucky are "brainwashed" if this is the type of people supporting Miller he is through in my book.

New coal mining permits in 2005 accounted for 30,548.76 acres to be strip mined. Of this 30, 548.76 acres only 81.23 acres will be reclaimed for industrial use and 19.13 acres will be recleaimed for residential use.

If this land is so valuable and we're going to have factories on every mine site, then why is less than 2 percent of the flat land created by mining being used for any type of economic development. We have enough flat land to put over 50,000 Wal-Marts.

The truth is most of the land is be "reclaimed" as Fish and Wildlife and Pasture Land. Fish and Wildlife accounted for 16,389.44 acres of reclaimed surface mining in 2005 and Pasture Land accounted for 9,231.64 acres.

The real funny thing is 4,526.34 acres was to be reclaimed as Forest Land. I've been all over strip mines in eastern Kentucky and the only trees you'll see are scrub pines and locust trees.

And remember, all that is only from the 137 new strip mine permits, it doesn't include the 319 amendments.

What is also interesting is that if you look at trends, coal production has been decreasing in eastern Kentucky since about 1997, especially surface mined coal. There has been a resurgence of deep mined coal and projections from both industry experts and the Kentucky Geological Survey say surface mined coal will continue to decrease for about the next 30-50 years.

The question is what will we have once the strip mining is gone? Will we have anything that will make people want to live in eastern Kentucky? Or will we just have poluted streams and ground water, and a lot of pasture land that isn't worth a damn thing?

The next mine could locate above your home.

The UMWA is basically in support of MTR. Their statement on the subject is that they don't want to see folks lose their homes or their communities, but short of that level of damage, they're for it.

This is a debate between folks who want to see growth, represented most heavily by people who live in the community and want MTR to continue to be an option, and folks who want to see the region stay pristine so they can take their bike rides on the trails.

Miller couched today's policies as middle of the road. In fact, zero carbon emission is probably impossible; he made no mention of coal to liquids, so I have to assume he's against it b/c of the carbon; no mention of carbon sequestration; and his pie in the sky rhetoric about MTR refills are so naive that one can't conclude a Harvard grad intended to be so ignorant unless his ultimate position is to completely end MTR... and end MTR and you'll probably end coal mining in Kentucky.

If that mine locates above my home I'll be sad and I'll want compensation if my home's damaged. But I won't stand in the way of the property owners' rights or the rights of the workers to earn a living for their fams.

Actually, 10:21, I was referring to the folks commenting here on this particular thread who swallow everything the COAL LOBBY feeds them. Hook, line and sinker.

Eastern Kentuckians hate strip mining just as much as everyone else. Who owns the land? Well who owns it? Thats right! Coal companies! Strip Mining will be a fact of life as long as the coal companies exist. Miller you are going to war with the wrong people.
Lets all climb way back deep into one of our foothill brush mountains that you guys care so much about and lets protest this thing called strip mining! How dare them dig up the coal on their OWN land. Get some of your rich buddies and buy the land and save it. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. All Miller will do is screw it up.

If reclamation efforts are effective at preserving the environment, then there would be no problems. But my tour of Est. Ky. coal mining country tells me that many are NOT! The answer lies in more EFFECTIVE reclamation efforts.

So we should shut down minind so you can see all trees when you drive thru once a year. You like the power coming to your house you like having heat in your home. You like a home built of wood but you dont like mining? Ok your a hypocrite. We like mining coal. We like powering the nation. We dont like being slapped in the face by little hippys in bird watching shirts who say we are killing the planet. There are over 100 gov org's that regulate mining. It comes back to a natural state very soon. The pits are open maybe 6 or 7 months then reclaimed to modern standards. How much of this cry baby left over 60's hippy bull are we to tolerate. We provide the energy America needs. The more coal we burn the less boys we need to send overseas to protect our energy sources. The tech is there to do it right. Go live in a cave or some kind of hole in the ground will ya. Then come back and tell me we dont need coal. Where will the energy come from if not coal. Windmills? Yeh thats a real bird killer and would take enough land to cover the enttire state to power lexington. No dams will ever be built. What about nukes? I dont see anyone letting one be built in their community. SO where will it come from there screwed up college kids? I will await your brain trust reply.

First, let me say this: I openly admit my ignorance when it comes to the subject of mountain top removal but I'm hoping to gain some knowledge from my research.

I have read over the above post and unfortunately not many "facts" are being presented. Can someone please post some pros and cons to mountain top removal? Thank you

In 1987, ISO completed and released its 9000 series of standards, incorporating most of the elements of BS 5750 into its ISO 9001 standard. The ISO 9000 series of standards first gained popularity in Europe, when the European Union (EU), under the title EN 29000, adopted ISO 9000. By the late 1980’s, BS 5750 and ISO 9000 standards had reached the U.S. market.

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